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10 years experience in Property Management


10 years experience in Property Management

We recognize that Real Estate industry is about people, not buildings. Therefore Property Management should offer people peace of mind that their investments are being well looked after. Yet this does not occur frequently, especially on the Romanian market.
This is why ISM Services expects to make a difference. Having more than 10 years experience (as of 2019) in providing foreign owners and investors with full Property Management Services, ISM has gained a comprehensive understanding of Romanian Real Estate market. As representative of both corporate and individual investors, ISM is big enough to cope, and small enough to care.
We would be most interested to offer you guidance and assistance in every matter related to Property Management. Feel free to contact us for any kind of inquiry, as we are always looking forward to your feedback and comments.
One rent / year
The total yearly costs for the Full Management and Maintenance Service is equal to the value of the monthly rent. E.g. your property is rented out for € 500 per month, that is our fee for the whole year!
10% Discount
Owners of more than one property are granted a 10% discount of the total yearly fee for each additional property. E.g. 10% for the second property, 20% for the third and so on!

No tenants, no fee!

Having no tenants can be most unpleasant for any owner,therefore ISM Services will not charge any fee for the Property Management Services until a Tenancy Contract is signed.


T. Bauer, Germany
My apartment in central Bucharest had no tenants and was in poor condition before ISM took over management. It has now been rented out for more than 8 years without a single month’s break.
A. Meagher, Ireland
The team is very prompt in answering any calls or e-mails from us. Updates are flowing, giving us peace of mind as owners.
W. Ferguson, UK
I would strongly recommend ISM as highly reliable and trustworthy professionals.


Property Management Services

Conduct inspection visits to the property and forwarding comprehensive reports to the landlord.
Running a full analysis of the rental market in the area.
Thoroughly inspecting the property on the owner’s behalf to ensure that everything is as it should be, including the quality of workmanship.

Ensure all aspects of the landlord’s property ownership meets the legal requirements under Romanian law.


Arranging and supervising redecoration and\or renovation of the property on the owner’s behalf.

Wash all floors and terraces.
Clean and polish all windows, glass doors and mirrors.


Property Management is most definitely not a 9-to-5 business, therefore ISM Services is an over-time job. This means we are always prepared to answer any inquiries and solving any issues related to managing our clients’ properties. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about our experience and proficiency in Property Management.


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