Property Management is most definitely not a 9-to-5 business, therefore ISM Services is an over-time job.

This means we are always prepared to answer any inquiries and solving any issues related to managing our clients’ properties. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about our experience and proficiency in Property Management.

Since ISM Services went into the Property Management business a number of years ago, it relied on a firm set of principles. As our clients and partners can certify , we have always tried to live up to our values. These are:


No complete and transparent Property Management Service could be carried out without mutual confidence between the customer and its representative.

Our clients empower us to act on their behalf and entrust us with managing their properties. In turn, ISM Services trusts its clients to provide full and accurate information about the properties, so we could fulfill our duties accordingly.


ISM Services diligently devotes itself to undertake any assignment related to Property Management.

We will always make sure that our clients’ interests are being well looked after and we will proceed in a competent manner at all times.


Our Property Management venture requires us to be in permanent contact with many different people.

To insure a successful and smooth business relationship with clients, tenants, real estate agencies, utility suppliers, banks, public authorities and other third parties, we show respect and consideration to every one of them.

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