• S. Kamara, England
    A team of dedicated young professionals, ISM provides an invaluable service for overseas owners.
  • A. Meagher, Ireland
    The team is very prompt in answering any calls or e-mails from us. Updates are flowing, giving us peace of mind as owners.
  • T. Moskiewitz, Israel:
    Could not think of another company to manage my three high-yield apartments in newly-build compounds in northern Bucharest.
  • I. Christian, Romania
    After leaving to work abroad I employed ISM to rent out and manage my former home in Bucharest. We have been in contact on a regular basis since and I trust that my apartment is well looked after.
  • T. Bauer, Germany
    My apartment in central Bucharest had no tenants and was in poor condition before ISM took over management. It has now been rented out for more than 8 years without a single month's break.
  • W. Ferguson, UK
    I would strongly recommend ISM as highly reliable and trustworthy professionals.
  • G. Reid, USA
    ISM has been able to rent out and properly maintain my apartment for years despite the usual structural issues that come with a 1940s building in central Bucharest.

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