• Conduct inspection visits to the property and forwarding comprehensive reports to the landlord.
  • Deal with any repairs, maintenance or emergencies on the landlord’s behalf.
  • Liaison with utility suppliers, including signing contracts on the owner’s behalf.
  • Organizing electrical and gas safety inspections.
  • Liaison with developers and homeowners’ associations (where necessary).
  • Dealing with all assignments and notices.
  • Running a full analysis of the rental market in the area.
  • Marketing the property – placing banners, online and newspaper advertising, circulating details of the property to all suitable applicants.
  • Arranging appointments for prospective tenants to view the property, always accompanying them.
  • Applying for references on prospective tenants.
  • If instructed to do so, assist in the notification to the Gas and Electricity Suppliers of change of tenancy details and meter readings taken by the landlord.
  • Assist with the negotiations between landlord and tenants.
  • Drawing up the rental contract and signing it on the owner’s behalf, provided a Power of Attorney is issued in this respect.
  • Handing over sufficient sets of keys to the tenants at the start of the tenancy which shall be provided to us by the landlord.
  • Securing an amount equal to at least one month’s rent as a deposit against possible breach of covenant by the tenant.
  • Arranging for a full inventory to be prepared and checked with the tenant at the commencement and completion of the tenancy.
  • Supervising the collection of rent in accordance with the terms of the Tenancy Agreement.
  • Transfer rents, net of any agreed deductions, to the landlord as directed.
  • Negotiating the cost of dilapidations (if any) between the landlord and tenant.
  • Thoroughly inspecting the property on the owner’s behalf to ensure that everything is as it should be, including the quality of workmanship.
  • Forwarding a full snagging report to the owner, including digital photos of the property, highlighting particular areas of concern.
  • Further inspecting the property to make sure the defects were effectively repaired.
  • Ensure all aspects of the landlord’s property ownership meets the legal requirements under Romanian law.
  • Represent the landlord as a legal person in front of a number of state and public institutions.
  • Provide a monthly statement of account.
  • Preparation of year end accounts and returns.
  • Sourcing suitable insurance for the property.
  • Arranging and supervising redecoration and\or renovation of the property on the owner’s behalf.
  • Painting the inside or outside walls.
  • Supplying custom furniture packs, tailored to suit the property’s requirements.
  • Purchasing and installing all kinds of appliances, as instructed by the landlord.
  • Thorough ventilation of the property.
  • If needed, removal of all builder rubbish and paint and grease marks.
  • Clean and disinfect inside and outside of all kitchen cupboards, white goods, wall tiles and appliances.
  • Clean and disinfect thoroughly the bathroom to include wall tiles, floors, inside and outside of cabinets and toilet suite including shower unit.
  • Brush all floors and ceilings including skirting, sills and door frames.
  • Wash all floors and terraces.
  • Clean and polish all windows, glass doors and mirrors.